gastonjah interaktiv designer


Gastonjah is a combo of things, he is a one man show, a photographer, a designer, a programmer, an actor and a revolutionary.

He is an artist that has no tag, he is a person that carries a great soul, and he is a forward-thinker that believes in cultivating the inner essence of his soul.

Define web design

To me means a new way to express yourself. Now from a business point of view it means that your company can reach beyond the perimeter of your store, and it also can mean that your customers do not need to be in the perimeters of your store to acquire the product.

Define a web designer

Its hard now a day to specific point out a web designer, we are a new wave designers that are fusing new techniques along with old school graphic design, minimalistic architecture, and shiny techno LED elements. To me it seems like there are many web designers that trap in the code nightmares and program from there enclosed environments. I consider myself being part of the new wave because I try to fuse techniques from graphic design, architecture, and animation to achieve a look for a client.

How do you approach a project?

The way I do my projects is still evolving, but I have a better sense of getting the essence of what the client needs to get done. There are no physics but common sense, I can say that simple thoughts can be well develop, and that it's the way I choose to approach my clients.

I meet with them, learn about their project, then I go home to scheme a concept, write a proposal, and finally meet again to agree on the budget and perhaps sign some confidentially papers to keep the creativity juice sealed.